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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Junior Ranger Badge #41

Today was an early release day. The kids got out of school at 11.  We had been hoping to get back over to Ft. Moultrie to finish up Lon's Jr. Ranger Badge from there.  And that is what we did today.
Crossing the Ravenel Bridge
Learning about the Fort
The volunteer was so thrilled with Lon, she thought he was a brilliant kid. Lon is showing her how he does the cipher in this booklet
The volunteer was so happy with Lon, she went and talked to the Historian Ranger.  He thought Lon was an amazing kid, and he quizzed him on what he learned on the Fort, and Lon gave the right answers.
Getting his 41st Jr Ranger Badge. They took his picture with all his badges !
Across the street. Before you enter the Fort itself there is the grave of Osceola. Yes, the Seminole Chief.  I did not know he was buried here. Or that he died of a throat infection.
Into the Fort!
Lon loves the sea command complex
They were even playing a Christmas radio show from the 1940s on the speakers in the command center
He is having a great time exploring the Fort again. He is looking forward to coming out again!
So proud of himself, and rightly so!

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