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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Christmas Parade

Today was the annual Summerville Christmas Parade!  I am not sure I have ever lived in a place with a Christmas Parade. A Christmas Boat Parade, yes, but on land? I know Lon has never seen one before!
His cub scout pack had a float, their number was 91. They had to be there to help decorate the float between noon and 12:30. Even though the parade did not start till 2.
Adding the decorations they made at last week's den meeting!

Mark and I left Lon in the care of his pack as we went to find a good place to stand to watch the parade.
We passed this full size model of the Hunley. It is four inches taller than the original, but other wise it is the same dimensions.
The other side is open so people can see the inner workings of the submarine.
We found spots at the start of the parade!
Next year we should bring a chair,and perhaps a blanket. It was about 45 and a light misty rain.  It was getting chilly just standing there.
There was alot of fun things in the parade! Southern Belles.
The lions club had a great old car!
The Trolley! Someday I want to go on that.
Vintage Firetrucks
Summerville Little League
Horses, with Duck Dynasty Beards.
Ashley Ridge High School Marching Band. Every high school marching band was represented. It was great!
They had SNOW!
An Elvis Impersonator too!
Basset Rescue of the Low Country!  I gotta call them!
Here they come! Number 91
Tigers and Wolves could ride on the float, the rest of the boys had to walk
Lon's ornament decorations are on the back side window of the suv
A better look at the float!
Can you find Lon?
There he is!
Handing out candy
The end of the Parade! Santa in a Firetruck!
Yay! It only took about an hour for the whole
parade to go by.  It was a wonderful parade!
We had a great time!

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