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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

James Island County Park Festival of Lights

We decided that tonight was a good night to go see the lights at James Island. We had heard they were awesome, but we had no idea how wonderful they really were going to be. It was a drive through, 3 miles, and a stop in the middle for a train ride, santa photos, s'mores making, a gift shop too.  It was not too crowded. We did not have to wait long for anything. The only thing was the train wait of 10 minutes.
This blog will mainly just be the photos of the lights.

All of these lights were still before the entrance to the park. If you brought a can of food, they lowered the price by a 1/3. They charged by the car load. We paid 10 dollars and it was worth every penny
The old and the new bridge, and the Yorktown
 The first arch

We love Boeing!
S'mores stop
60 tons of sand turned into art  ( I have no idea why I can not caption these properly, if i figure it out I will fix it!)  
On the Carousel

The Charleston schools made these card designs! 
The restrooms
Mr Watson

A nice moment with Daddy

On the train. 

the Hunley

This was very fun, we left the house at about 5:20 and got home after 9. It did not seem that long that we were there. I am looking forward to going back ! 

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