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Monday, December 09, 2013

Cub Scout Den Christmas Party

Tonight was Lon's Den Christmas Party! We were supposed to bring a healthy treat! Hmm, what to make!
Grinches ! That is what we will make!
I saw these on a pintrest site. They called for banana for the white band below the strawberry.  We thought that would get brown and mushy before the party, so I cut big marshmallows up, and it worked out great!
We filled up this whole tray!
We had a wonderful craft at Cubs tonight! We made a rice snowman!  SO much fun!
Lon filled a small sock with rice.LOTS of rice
Lon drew on a very nice face and buttons down the snowman's front!
His turned out SO cute! Lon did a great job.
Lon LOVES his snowman
Snack time. All the snacks were yummy and mostly healthy!
Out of that whole tray of Grinches, we had 4 left when we brought the tray home.
I think they were a hit
We played the Wright Family game. It was really fun with the boys.
Lon was a  help with the clean up.  He manned the dust pan this time.
Fun times with Cubs!

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