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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Breakfast with Santa

I read about this in the paper and thought it would be great fun!
I signed up on line, it was recommended that you do that first.
We left the house early, so we took the time to go to small craft fair, but there was nothing there we wanted. We were about a half hour early, we got great parking!  If we do this again next year, we will get there about the same time.
We were pretty close to the front of the line, we would find out later, we were number 28!
Waiting. It is better on Daddy's shoulders
There were new friends to play with too!
We brought a toy to drop off in the Toys for Tots box.
Number 28 to see Santa!
The line was moving very fast, so we thought we would just stay in the line. They were up to number 25, so it was not too long till we our number was up!
The ladies handing out numbers, and in charge of crowd control thought Lon had the best shirt of the day!
Lon with Santa. They had a photographer from the paper there taking photos, which we can download and print out.  I hope his turned out super cute! I will post it once it goes on line
It was so sweet that after the photo, Santa took a little time to chat with Lon.

We had a coupon for breakfast. Lon's was free, ours were two dollars each. We got a choice of egg or sausage biscuits and a juice.  Lon was not too impressed with his biscuit.  We liked ours.
It was time to see the other things they had to offer. A whole line of tables with kids crafts!
The necklace line was super long, so we thought we would come back to that one.
First though, we had to sign in that we believed in Santa! Lon had his picture taken there too, they had a back drop for the kids to stand in front of

Making reindeer feed. Oats, captain crunch, and glitter. They also gave the kids a reindeer head dress.  Lon was loving this!
He made a mouse candy cane holder. He wants to make a few more later on this weekend, at home.
There was a kaleidoscope that the kids colored the outside and it was glued on to the tube.
We got a little back pack at the start of our breakfast, good thing we did!
A dentist office had a fun hat photo shoot for kids,and parents too!
We had a great time !
The line was still really long for the jingle bell necklace. I asked nicely, and the lady running the booth, let us take a packet home to do there.
We met up with Daddy and walked around looking at all the fun shops downtown
We found one shop that has some great fossils. Lon and Daddy both thought they were very interesting.
We also went into an antique shop that had little juice glasses that matched a pitcher I had. I showed them to Mark. The owner of the shop wanted to know if I would sell the pitcher. Yes! I will.   So on our way to our next adventure of today, we stopped back by and dropped it off.
Yes, we have more adventures to post from today!

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