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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Garrison Day At Fort Dorchester State Park

This was a small Garrison Day.  The much bigger one is in March. I have marked it on our calendar.  These re-enactors are from the French and Indian War.  One of our ancestors was in that conflict in western Pennsylvania.
The gates of Fort Dorchester
They also have a volunteer archaeology program, but the minimum age is 15.   Lon was very interested in the holes in the ground!
Some of what they are doing at the Fort
The bell tower. It is the only thing left from a church that used to be there.
I was fascinated with the bell tower.
I took a lot of pictures
More bell tower
Lon looking up at the roof of the bell tower
One more
The other side of the park. It is really beautiful here
Down by the Ashley River
Mark and Lon looking at the river from the tabbey ruins of the Fort.
The view has not changed much from the early 1700s

I like this look
Lon showing off his new 'stach too
Getting ready to fire off the cannon! We love cannons!!
FIRE! It was loud! but oh so very cool!
Lon was able to get his photo taken with the re-enactors.  They said, please, feel free to use this as your Christmas card. I would have, had we not already sent them out for this year!
This was a fun way to spend part of the afternoon.
We will be coming back to the park, it was a beautiful place.

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