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Saturday, December 07, 2013

A Visit From Uncle Chong

Uncle Chong was able to come down for a little visit! He was on a business trip and took time out to see us! And he brought me cheese!  4 pounds of Tillamook. We love Uncle Chong! Thank you!
Uncle Chong looking over the backyard, and the ducks that have taken residence there.
We took Uncle Chong to Kelly's Barbeque. It is a buffet style, all you can eat place. It is really good.  Lon eats the fried chicken. He has to have a piece of chicken before he attacks the dessert buffet.
Uncle Chong was taking lots of pictures!
Uncle Chong and Daddy talking
After dinner, we showed Uncle Chong the town square all lit up!  We drove him back to Charleston. It was too short of a visit. We hope that next time he comes back to visit, he can bring the whole family!

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