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Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 9: Driving, Driving, Driving

We stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn last night. They do not have free breakfast. darn it. However

We found a Dunkin! Near the hotel. Life is good.
Lon got munchkins, and I got a yummy iced coffee
We were on I-40,  it was supposed to be faster.
It was bumper to bumper trucks in the right lane. And sometimes in the left lane. I was having trouble reading the signs. Lon and I were not having any fun at all.
We got gas at Brinkley, Ar
mileage: 3440.3
gallons: 10.803
Price: 35.00
We got off the interstate at Memphis.  Lon is learning about BB King and Elvis
I learned how to get to Highway 64.  All the way across the bottom of Tennessee.
One of the bonus features of not driving on the interstate is that you get to see things a bit easier.
We followed the brown signs to Shilo
An amazingly beautiful battlefield
Lon at the diorama. He still loves those!
Working hard on his Jr. Ranger badge.
He had to write a letter home as if he was a soldier on the battlefield.  He did a great job with that.
The rangers were so very impressed with Lon and all his badges.   The most they ever saw was a girl whose parents drove around the country in an RV and went to almost every park in they system. Lon said that sounds like it would be pretty fun.
But since Lon answered all the questions and was so smart and funny, they gave him a Jr. Ranger water bottle. Only available from the Rangers.  Not a for sale item. Lon was very impressed.
There is another part of the park, and you can get another Jr. Ranger badge from there. We decided to come back and see that Cornith part of it later on with Daddy.
Then it was driving. As I drove along, we noticed there were  A LOT of police out, so we did the speed limit.  Took me a few minutes before I realized where I had heard of Hardin County Tennessee. Then I passed the sign that said Buford T. Pusser Home and Museum. This is Walking Tall country. I did the speed limit.  Exactly the speed limit.
There were some interesting old buildings on the road side
We got gas in Lawrenceville, TN
Mileage 3696.8
Gallons: 9.628
price: 33.01

Talking about what to do tomorrow. We are in Chattanooga tonight, do we go to Look Out Mountain? Do we also go to Cowpens and King;s Mountain? Do we do all, some or just go straight home?  It is another almost 500 miles to home. But who wants to spend the night 100 miles from HOME?

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Peggy Ayers said...

Sounds like you and Lon are having a wonderful trip. Hope you get to your destination safely:)