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Friday, August 09, 2013

Final Friday!

This past week has gone by very fast, filled with all these little errands we had to get done . Today the packers were supposed to come, but after reviewing our survey, they feel they can get us packed in two days and loaded in one.  Daddy already had this day scheduled off, so we got alot of things done without rushing around like crazy!  We mailed off a box of shoes, those just take up so much room! Then we came back and waited for the Dish man to remove the Dish.  Then it was lunch time! Our last meal up at Bentos. We loved that place.   Mark packed his bag to leave in the morning, we will catch up as fast as we can!  Then it was time for the market.
Parking was the usual hassle. So Mark let me out and went to park. Good thing too!
I caught Our Main Man Rico as he was leaving and had him wait for Lon ! We LOVE LOVE LOVE Rico and Chillz Ice Cream. We are going to miss them.
Lon found a lady who was telling him all about bad weeds around Kirkland. He thought it was interesting
Can't resist ice cream ! The vanilla Lon got was not very good, it tasted old.  But the mint lime sorbet was very good. The lime hit first then the mint lingered. It was worth buying.
We stopped by Trimmed Wick. What a wonderful soap place. They are very nice people and they sell great soaps, and candles! I am going to have to do some mail order from them!!
Lon trying to talk to the dog.
Then our parade of visitors started!  It was great seeing Prachi, Rahul and Reyansh!  We are going to miss them too.
Lon and Reyansh were making a robot helmet
Reyansh grabbed the camera as he wanted me to take his picture.
He is getting so big!
I wanted to take their picture with Tiki Tim, first came the super hero poses
This is the best one I got of them trying to be serious
Then the boys favorite,  goofy faces pose!

Sadly, I did not get photos of John or Kris and Jack when they came over to visit tonight.  It was good seeing everyone.  We will miss them all.

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Amilu said...

I talk to the noxious weed ladies all the time. Usually to get them to watch out for a few on their list so I can pick them before they are sprayed.

They just give me a call when they run into something I have on my herb list. They are wonderful people.