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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 6: Getting out of Dodge

We spent the night in Dodge City. It sounded like it could be fun to see somethings. around town. The feedback I got from the front desk, was pretty much we could go look at the feedlots or the cemetery, neither of those are high on Lon's list of fun things to see.
So we got out of Dodge!
Lon saw this airplane on the side of the road and we had to take it's picture.
Our National Park this morning was Fort Larned. A stop on the Santa Fe Trail. It was also a working Fort.

When Lon walked in with all his badges, one of the rangers told him that if they were ever short of rangers they would be calling him since he has all the badges.
He is doing the scavenger hunt through the park.  Learning a little bit about life out on the prairie.
The ranger put on her hat so she would look as official as Lon.
Santa Fe Trail fun!
We got gas in Larned.
Mileage: 2397.4
Gallons: 11.275
Price: 39.00
Kansas wind farm.  I am enjoying the flat driving for a little while.
A rest stop marker!

At the Eisenhower Library!  In Abilene.
We thought we could get a Jr Ranger badge, and we had been told we could get a Jr Secret Service Badge. The man at the entrance said, no, we are not the Park Service, we are the National Archives and we do not do that. Um, okay. He was rather snippy.
We did the tour of the boy hood home
We also toured the museum. It has a lot of World War II exhibits, less on the election campaign, but still there was plenty on that too.
It was a very interesting place.
We decided to skip Tall Grass, one of the National Parks on our list, since we found out it was not finished yet.

 We saw a sign that said US Calvary Museum, exit 301. Well, that sounded like it would be good.   We had time to get to that and not enough time to get down to the Wizard Of Oz Museum. I will have to see Toto, Dorothy and the Tin Man on a later visit.
I did not know that exit 301 was Fort Riley.  We were able to go on base and visit the museum. Lon had so much fun looking at all the exhibits. I was trying to tell him about his Great Grandfather who was in the Ohio Calvary. (Mark's Grandfather).
The sign behind him reads:
This 1930s Trooper - Symbolic of the last generation of American Calvarymen- Saultes a past rich in tradition and heritage.

Not sure if I was allowed to take photos or not. I only took this one outside
Kansas City.
Highway 70 turns into a toll road before you get to the city.
We had to get gas on that part of the road, Lawrence Kansas
mileage: 26485
price: 35.50
gallons: 9.701
We just happened to hit the tail end of rush hour.  The traffic got worse as we got more into the city.  I think this is the last city we are going through. The rest of the trip is all secondary roads and around cities. I have the next two days planned,  they will be in Missouri.

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