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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ocean Is 8!

Ocean is a wonderful friend.  Her birthday party was today. At an Ice Skating Rink. Lon had lessons when he was 3, but he was not too thrilled with them and refused to go after a few weeks.  I was sort of dreading how it was going to go for him.  He did GREAT! He LOVED it! Thank you, Ocean for re introducing Lon to ice skating!
Skates on and ready to go!
Not even hugging the wall ! This is amazing to me!!

Mr. Glide
Ta-Da  I know the image is blurry, but it was the only one I got
He really is having a great time out there on the ice with everyone
Not to say that there were not falls, and spills and landing on his dupa, but they did not make him want to stop
There was a very nice lady out on the ice, skating backward , doing turns and loops. Lon talked to her and she gave him some pointers.
We took a break after this and we all had a super yummy lunch of hot dogs, beans and barbeque chicken. The spinach dip was amazingly yummy
There was a lesson after lunch! Lon was having fun with that too
Hanging out with James
Then it was time to take off the skates and sing happy birthday to Ocean!  I hope she had a good as time as we did !
Happy Happy Birthday Ocean!

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