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Saturday, August 03, 2013

A Very Fun Week With Ty!

We had the great fortune to get to keep Ty a week! (well, 6 days). Lon and Ty were having so much fun together.  They did BOY things.
I heard a lot a talking coming from their room. I think if you ask her she will say yes. It's your Mom. She still might say no.
There was much rejoicing when I said Yes to building of a Lego together.  No wearing of pants though.
Working together

It's coming together
Let's see if it floats!
They played in the sprinkler
We went out for dinner. Mexican food.  The boys were very well behaved
They shared a fried ice cream. It was very yummy
There was also lots of Ipad time.  They each played the other's Ipad.  Different games
There was much goofiness
Puppy tumbles. Lots of giggles too
We went to McDonalds for lunch. They had Minion toys.  I call the boys my minions. They like it. It was so cool they now have actual minions as toys.
Ty was happy when his Mom came on Saturday !
He and Lon had a great time together. I am so glad the boys got to play and have a great time together.
I had a great time with them too!

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