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Sunday, July 28, 2013


Lon was so excited last night he had a hard time sleeping. TY was on a plane coming all the way from China! Ty was coming to see HIM!   Lon even got up early. Just as I put the coffee on, they pulled up!  Lon was so thrilled!
It did not take very long at all to break out the legos!
They both got taller. They even both chose camo to wear today
Playing together like they had never been separated for two years!
We had been invited to go to Uncle Chong and Auntie Michelle's house for dinner. I had asked earlier if Ty could come too. That was not a problem at all.
As we drove down there at 3pm, Ty was asleep almost before we left our driveway. He slept through the whole visit.  He so wanted to wake up when we came in. He really really tried to play with Lon and Brian, but he just could not.  He layed down on the couch and was out till we left about 7pm.  He was able to walk back up to our house and into the bed, and he is sleeping now. I am sure he will be up around 4am if not earlier.  We will have a nice quiet time in the early morning together.
Dinner at Chong and Michelle's was WONDERFUL. She made my very favorite Korean scallion pancakes. She made three and I think I ate two. They were plate size. They were so good. Then we had bulgogi, and rice, shrimp and kimchee, and bean sprouts and radish. It was wonderful. Meagan and Gernot joined us too.
Lon was very good the whole time, letting Lon sleep and playing with Brian and Kayla
The cake I made for dessert
Princess Kayla!  All the kids, well, everyone, was enjoying the watermelon before we had cake.
It was a fun day,  thank you for the wonderful dinner !

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