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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy Happy Fourth of July!

Today was is a great and fun day! It is still going on, but we are not going down to see the fireworks so I thought I would post this now.
Happy Fourth of July!
Our day started out by going to Omi's house for a wonderful time!
The Ross family gave Lon a birthday present! Lon is reading the card, and Ben is an expert photo bomber!
It is a Yoda backpack! How very fun, and Lon needs a new backpack to start school with next fall!
The kayaks are what Lon was really looking forward to! He talked about it all morning, how much fun it would be to go back in the kayak.
Putting the kayaks in the water
He is off and paddling. He loves the kayak.  I think we might be getting him his own soon.
So happy
Lon did not spend his entire afternoon in the water, he played noodle fights with Ben
Layed out on the blanket, just for a bit
Back to the water. I did not get photos of all the times he was in the water. He really likes Lake Sammamish
Then it was time to go, at least for us.  It would have been nice to stay, however we double booked today!
A little time to run in the sprinkler at home
Princess Kayla enjoying her cookie!
The Yis joined us at our house for a bit of barbeque
Kayla and Lon played in the sprinkler. The kid loves the water !
The big boys and babybacks
The smaller boys reading a Lego book.
Lon and Brian now sport matching bracelets from Hawaii. Brian brought them back for him and Lon.
The necklace is also from Hawaii and Brian has one just like it too, but he did not wear his.
Lon really likes it.
Thank you for bringing back such a cool gift
Happy Fourth of July!

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