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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lon's 8th Birthday!

Today Lon is officially 8 today, at 1:05pm.
When we woke up today, Lon looked at me and hopefully said, you did hold back a couple presents for today, right?  Well, no, but I did have a couple I could  give him.
Daddy said something about having leftovers for dinner, and Lon said, um, no it is my birthday and I should pick out what we have to eat.  He picked going out to La Corona.
They are not Legos. But they are! Lego movies!
Sadly, La Corona's air conditioner broke. It was HOT outside. But it was still way more fun than heating up the stove!
After they cleared the plates from our dinner they brought out the sombrero and the fried ice cream. Lon did not even mention he wanted the fried ice cream, but they know him so well. The staff sang him happy birthday and took his picture for their facebook page.
He ate the entire fried ice cream. He loved it
It was a wonderful day.  Lon said it was a good birthday day!

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