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Friday, June 07, 2013

Toy Maker, Balance and Motion

This morning we had a visit from the Toy Maker. It was an in school field trip, with the entire second grade participating.
Getting directions for the first phase of the project
Working hard on getting that ruler sawed in half. The little saw blades were not very sharp, but after some elbow grease, it worked
Adding some color to the stand he built. Why were we building a stand? we would find out soon enough
Working hard
Walking around with his tiny man balanced on top. Yep, Lon made a clothes pin tiny man with a washer counter weight for his colorful stand.  He had a great tiny man. He called it his tiny man circus.
Coloring his tiny man some more, he forgot to put pants on him.
Phase three instructions. What were we going to learn? We had our balance portion, so this must be instructions on what to do for motion. The kids each would have a small washer, a couple nails, a spool, a half straw and a rubber band.
Mr. Toymaker showing how it works and what you can do with it. Energy stored, then used up as kinetic energy.
Making his own spool motion machine
Lon had a great time at the in school field trip.
Mommy could not stay and give any AR tests today. She had a volunteer thank you luncheon. Good thing Mommy went, she won a gift certificate for free pizza at MOD pizza!

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