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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lon's 8th Birthday Party!

Today was a beautiful day for a birthday party!
All ready for his party.
The spread
Cake and cupcakes and boy scout popcorn !
Enjoying being outside and some good food!
One of our activities was to color little wooden birdhouses!  We had a scavenger hunt, a prize walk and a guess the legos in a jar.  The kids had a blast!
The best activity, was, of course, the Ice Cream Truck.  Rico was the best ! We love Chillz Ice Cream Truck.
The kids were very orderly getting in line for ice cream
They all enjoyed the treats! The adults did too
Lon wanted to open presents next and since it was his birthday we let him.   He mainly got Legos!
no duplicates!
A few months ago, some one sent me a link that was going around. It was for this very fun candle. You light it, it slowly burns, then Poof!  a BIG sparkly flame, the petals come down and it spins as it plays happy birthday!  SO cool.
Not sure is you can see the petals are down and it is starting to spin. Coolest candle ever.
Lon had a great day. It was hot and no rain, lots of his friends came.
It was a wonderful birthday party!

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