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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Going Home

This morning we woke up in Lake Chelan and we would go to bed in our own beds.
The morning view. It was going to be a wonderfully sunny day. A good day for a drive!
The kids on the deck.  They lined themselves up this way. So cute
Such a pretty place
We had a yummy breakfast and packed up the car. Our first order of business after that was getting the Jr. Ranger Badge!  They all did well and got the badge and the patch! She said for them to come back when they are 9 and get the next one in the series, and they can get another patch. Lon really thinks that would be a good idea!
The kids were getting wiggly in the back and I thought they would be having the Aplets Factory going today. They did not. Darn it.
The kids were able to release some of their wiggles. They had fun running in the park
We stopped at Snoqualmie pass to use the rest area.  I wanted to get a picture of Lon, and just as I snapped the photo, this guy pops in. I am thinking this guy has done more than his share of photo bombing. He got it down!
Lon does not look impressed
All by himself this time
Beauty Shot on the way home
Last beauty shot on the way home.
Rochelle did ALL the driving. She rocks!
Thank you again for a great mini vacation!

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