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Friday, June 07, 2013

Cub Scout Graduation

Tonight was Lon's last cub scout pack meeting of the year. This is the super fun meeting/potluck picnic in the park. Lon has completed all the requirements of his Wolf status and is moving up to Bear rank.
The weather was not wonderful. A bit overcast and dark, but it did not rain. Lon is enjoying his hot dog and watermelon.  I brought 4 dozen cupcakes, and as we left there were only about 1/2 a dozen left (8). I think they were a hit
Mt Rainer trying to peek out.
Assembling for the ceremony.
Lon volunteering his neckerchief. It would be soaked in special water from a special Boy Scout camp and set ablaze. If it burned but did not scorch, Lon and the rest of his den, worked hard and had a good time and they would all move up.
None of them were nervous about it.
Firing it up. Yes, it burned but did not scorch. It was very fun. (they soaked it in rubbing alcohol) The pictures of the fire did not come out well.
Lon moved up to Bear.
He got to play in the park and had a great time
OO Denny Park is a lot of fun. We should come back to this park!

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