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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Field Day, 2013

Wednesday was Field Day at School. A fun morning of games and prizes for the kids. They did not get prizes for winning the games, but prizes for completing as many games as they could. There were duck races, a tattoo station, a bubble station, rope swing, climbing rope, all sorts of great things. It was a wonderfully beautiful day for it. I was assigned to be the adult at the Prize Walk. A cake walk event but not cakes or cookies involved. I had to be there the entire morning.

Walking the walk. Lon still loves this game.
Lon won his round. The kids were not supposed to be able to go again. One prize per round. Toward the end since I was monitoring the giving out of prizes, we were able to let kids go again and most kids were able to get a little prize.  Not everyone won, but more won than did not.  
At the end of the games, everyone gathered on the lower field, first the 5th grade classes divided up and had a tug of war. The winner of that challenged the teachers and other adults. The 5th graders went down fairly quickly.
Lon had a blast, he won prizes, he played with his friends, it was a great day!

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