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Friday, June 07, 2013

Bike Safety at Juanita Market

After school was over for the day, we loaded up the car with Lon's old bike and his scooter. He wore his helmet too. Good thing the first thing we see when coming into the Juanita Beach Market is a cop giving a ticket to a couple who did not wear a helmet while riding their motorcycle.
Riding in.
After we donated Lon's bike, they would fix up the brakes and give it to someone who needed a bike. It was a win win for us ! Lon has out grown the bike, and he will be getting a new one soon. He loves riding his scooter!
We saw a booth to get a new helmet, with someone who would fit him properly.  This was good. It was a multi sport helmet. Not just bike, but scooters and skates too. I think this one will actually protect his head. The old one I was getting nervous about.
Looking at all the cool stuff in an ambulance
Inside the fire truck, too.  It will always be cool to look inside the fire truck.
The Juanita Beach Market Bees.  They are adorable.
Then he got to go inside the police car. At least he got into the front seat!
We did walk around and look at all the great booths. They had a volksmarch booth. They had a course set up for kids to walk, at the end they got prizes. Lon, of course, did that. One of the prizes was a pin.  We looked all around and this time we got a re useable Juanita Market bag.

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