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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Moving Out!

The last few days have been amazing! Busy and crazy.  The packers arrived to pack all our stuff
While the packers were busy packing we had visits from friends. The Currys were over the entire move days. We could not have made it without them! James came over to say good bye to Lon
Hugs, boy style
The girls coming to help out
The packers had to bring all their supplies in a U Haul. I thought it was a good sign when this was the picture on the truck
We went to dinner at La Corona with Uncle Chong, Auntie Michelle, Brian and Kayla! It was fun. We got lots of hugs from our friends up there.
The kids shared a fried ice cream!
Lon's room all boxed up. The whole house was getting boxed up.  The guys were amazing, they worked so fast
The garage was full, then the truck arrived and it started getting emptier, but they brought everything down from the rest of the house. It wall got loaded, so very fast
They let Lon go up into the truck while they were taking a break to see what it was all looking like
More good bye hugs. The little girls are growing up so fast!
The packers favorite game is Tetris.  The whole truck was packed like this
Our favorite ice cream guys!  I called them to tell them it was our last day, they both showed up.  They gave Lon a gift. An ice cream truck cooler bag
AND a t-shirt! We are going to miss Chillz Ice Cream!!
And all packed up and outta here!!
Rochelle and I cleaned the house so it was nice for the new people!
Rochelle went over and beyond helping!  I could not have done it without her.
The clean garage.  Amazing!
Group hug with Arianna and Kayla!
A good picture of the kiddos
And their normal selves.Goofy
And we were on our way.
Lon and I thought it would be a better idea to leave the same day the truck did.  We went down to see Grandpa Bill and Babcia. It rained the entire way down there. It was a good thing I was very familiar with the road.
It was almost 10 when we arrived.   It was so wonderful to see them again.  And no, I am an idiot. I did not take any photos.

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