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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Another Goodbye Party!

Since Chen and Dave could not make it to the party yesterday, they decided to throw us a little block party!
It was so nice, the neighbors were there. Chen made wonderful food.  The kids played well together. We have such nice neighbors, I hope we have neighbors as nice when we move!
Kris watching the kids on the play structure
The kids eating dinner. Lon had a hot dog and corn, while the rest of us had steak, fruit salad, fried rice, potato salad, green salad and corn!  It was very yummy
Lon and Sarah talking about something very important
Then it was time for the little girls to go flying!
First it was Lisa.
Then Dana got up the courage to ask to fly
Dana had fun flying
Everyone had a great time. The food and the company were wonderful!


Anonymous said...

It was nice of them to do that! Really good food and I enjoyed a chance to talk to those little girls!
Nice to able to sit a talk with you and Mark without so many people around. :)

suzy said...

It was very nice of them! I enjoyed being able to sit and chat too :)