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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 1 On our way to South Carolina

Today was a long day of driving.
We started yesterday with a full tank of gas.
Tillamook cows.  They give the best milk for ice cream.
We went down the coast. It is a beautiful drive. Not a fast one, but a pretty one.
Our first stop after leaving was Lincoln City, the D River Wayside.  The weather was not much better all the way down the coast.
Foggy day at the D River
Lon got a bit wet and sandy. Perfect for the coast. I packed a bag of the left over bags from Walt Disney World.  His shoes are in the plastic bag, ready to dry and have the sand shaken off. He does have another pair of shoes in the car.
We got gas in Lincoln City.
Mileage: 304
Price: 40.57
Gallons: 10.094
We did a quick stop at Cape Foul Weather to see if there were any early whales going south. None yet.
But Lon got all FOUR pennies from the machine
We went east from Newport on highway 20. A gorgeous drive. Windy, small roads, going up.  We were not making great time, but it was pretty.
We had a bathroom break at the Shea Point Foster Lake rest area. They had a map of the road we were about to take. Over the Rivers and Through the Woods. Even more windy, twisty, up hill roads. In some areas the maximum speed posted was 35mph.
Lon at Shea Point, Foster Lake.
It was a pretty place
Then we were off Over the Rivers (and mountains) and Through the Woods
I could only take one photo. The weather was getting clearer. And hotter. It went from 67 on the coast to at least 80 in the mountains and high desert
There was nothing but scenery. No people, hardly any other cars. No towns or any where to stretch our legs. We did not even find a place for lunch. We had car snacks !  Made for a very long day driving
We made it as far as Prineville, Oregon.  We just could not drive anymore.
We got gas here.
Mileage: 526.9
Price: 40.00
Gallons: 10.15
We had dinner at the Apple Peddler, next to our Best Western Hotel. We lucked out and got a parking space just below our window
Lon and I were so tired, we did not order much
Lon had a pancake. This was the kid size. It was huge! It came with two slices of bacon!
I had the clam strip appetizer with a side dinner salad. It was okay.  
We are going to get a good night's sleep tonight and get a junior ranger badge tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

The trip look's awesome so far. I envy you :)

suzy said...

Thank you! We are having lots of fun!