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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Day 10: Going Home

We had plans to see Chikamunga and Look Out Mountain. However
This is what we woke up to.  We thought we would just get on the road
Off to Atlanta!
They drive like maniacs in Georgia! I liked it! We had a great time going fast, but still not fast enough that people were not passing us like crazy.
We made excellent time going across Georgia.
We went into the Welcome Center as soon as we crossed over the State Line. (near Aiken). They gave us great directions to get onto Highway 78. It would bring us right to our house !
The kind lady at the Welcome Center did tell me they were starting the tag and bag program that very day and it would go on until at least Labor Day. Tagging speeders and bagging drunks.  We did not speed in South Carolina.
Highway 78 is a two lane country road that was beautiful. We saw deer, and egrets and little towns.

It will be fun to explore this a little more.
We arrived at the house at 5:20 pm.
We had 4200 + miles on the car (once I find where I wrote down the exact number I will add it)
Mark, Lon and I spent the first night together in the new house.
It was a very fun trip!
We are happy to be in our new home.

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