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Saturday, September 21, 2013

HIghland Games

This weekend, Mark had to stay around the house for work. He was on call. I had read in the paper about the Highland Games being held at Boone Hall. I had always wanted to go to a Highland Games. So Lon and I headed out after a great breakfast! (Lon had bacon, eggs and toast!)
Arriving at Boone Hall Plantation. It sure is pretty.
The collie demonstration.  The collies were amazing. Those sheep did not have a chance!
Big guys with big weights, tossing them a long way across the field
The collie was supposed to be at rest, but those sheep could get out of hand at any moment!
Sadly, as we were standing there watching the collies work, Lon was standing in a fire ant mound. There were tears. I ran and got two bottles of water, told him to take off his shoes and socks. A few kind Scots helped with more water to be poured on his feet, and one even had some benedryl stick to help with the pain and itch.  Until I made sure his shoes and socks were ant free he did not wear them.  He only got a few bites, but fire ants HURT.
After a bit, he was feeling better. He wanted to pose with Hammish the Highland Cow. He still remembers the book his Godmother brought him back from Scotland. It was one of his favorites.  The cow with toffies in his coat.
Bouncey houses make things better.
Lon tried the kid size caber toss. No getting it to rotate, but it was a good first effort!
Lon did some leather working at the boy scout booth.
He got to keep his little leather badge he made
The Master of the Pipes. Now it was time for the opening ceremonies.
The mass bands !

I tired to upload a video of the bands, but my connection was super slow tonight and it was not working. I will try again later.
More pipers!
They were doing a whole routine while playing. I was amazed. Like walking, rubbing your head and patting your tummy at the same time.
The parade of clans. They did not have McDonald's represented this year. But this man, leading clan McKenzie, nice and strong, a big sword and his adorable daughter.
(We did see the Campbells)
Then it was lunch time ! Lon did not want to try the Haggis and Chips. I will admit it did not look appetizing. A scoop of brown stuff over fries. We split an order of fish and chips. We each had our own drink, it was HOT again. In the low 90s.
Lon tried the chocolate bread pudding with chocolate sauce for his dessert. It could have been better, but he liked it. I will look for that recipe for him.
Here comes a caber! This one showed promise of a rotation, but did not make it.
Lon in the face in the hole.
More cabers being tossed
Getting ready for the pipe competition. We were hot and tired at this time, so we bought a few raffle tickets and called it a day.
It was a great day. We were there for 6 1/2 hours.
The next games are in Savannah in May. I think we will go!
As we drove down the long exit, we saw this. I was thinking wow, the are early for Halloween.
Then we saw THESE. How early do they start decorating around here? Then I remembered. Tomorrow afternoon is the Zombie 5k run at Boone Hall. I am sure this will be part of it, and then Halloween too.
Looks like it would be a great pumpkin patch to try out!

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