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Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Big Day!

Today was a big and busy day!
We started off at 7am for a garage sale, at a church across the street. There was not much there, so we did not get anything.
Then we headed for the market. Mark got some corn and I got some muscadin grapes. I wanted to try them. They are good, but with lots of seeds. I think jelly made from these would be amazing
We are enjoying the Summerville Saturday Market. It is pretty good, jams, one soap person, but nothing like the Trimmed Wick in Kirkland.  They do have some good produce
The boys needed a haircut. I think we have found their barber. This gentleman was wonderful

We stopped for lunch at a Tastee Freeze. It was a good place for a quick lunch
Then we went to look at furniture.  Mark wanted a file cabinet,  he got a new recliner. I wanted to get some shelves for Lon's room, but nothing really caught my eye.
It was finally time to get ready. The big day!  Lon's First Holy Communion!!
We found Lon's tie. I knew he had at least one! I bought him a nice new white shirt.
We got there a little early, but that was okay
Waiting for Mass to start. We played musical pews till it all got worked out.  There was also a baptism at the 5:30pm Mass!
Lon and I got to walk in with the Monsignor, and we got to carry up the gifts. That was very nice. I put my camera away for Mass.
The family with the Monsignor after Mass. Lon did so well. I am so very proud of him
He was pretty proud of himself too.
Time for a quick change of clothes then off to Allesandra's for dinner. It is a wonderful Italian place in Summerville.
It was a good day.

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