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Thursday, September 05, 2013

BIG News

I called the Church, St. Theresa, on Tuesday to see if I could get Lon scheduled for First Holy Communion Classes. Get him caught up and ready.  The very nice office manager asked me if he had his First Confession yet. No, he had not. She asked me to come in on Thursday after school and we would get that done.
That works. 
Lon was nervous about it, but he brightened up when he was told I could not be there and I would never ever know what he said unless he told me. (Even though I told him that before we left for Church)  So off he went with Father Artur, the young Priest from Poland.  The office manager, Helena, asked me if I thought he was ready for First Communion, I said probably. 
They talked to Lon and  all agreed. At first told me that they would have it on Sunday.  Then they realized this Sunday was crazy with Faith Formation sign ups and RCIA starting. They had to change it  to Saturday at 5:30. The Monsignor is going to give Lon his First Communion.  I know it is very short notice and I know that everyone would love to be here to celebrate this milestone with Lon, but they want Lon in his proper Faith Formation class. They think that is very important. SO we will have a do over in October.  Lon will love it.   

Ice Cream after First Confession. 

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