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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Sunday In Charleston

After church on Sunday, September 1st, we went to Charleston!  It was not that far! It was a fun drive.
Our first stop was the Battery. We were surprised it was not very crowded! Lon is point out Ft. Sumter. We will make a day trip out there soon !
Lon thought the cannon balls were pretty cool.
Yes, in case you were wondering, it was HOT. Over 90 degrees!
Looking at the water. Watching the boats and jet skis.
Lon got down the water's edge to play with a little dog. His name was either Romeo or Elmo. I was not really clear on that. The dog loved chasing Lon around the beach, almost as much as Lon like chasing him.

As we were walking back to the car, we heard a noise out on the water. There were dolphins out there!!  They were blowing and having a great time.
I tried to get a photo of them, but they were too quick for me!  We had a great time watching them!

Then it was time to get some lunch!  We went to a spot called the Noisy Oyster, near the Market.
It was fun. The food was good, they kept the glasses full of tea, water or pops.  We drank alot!  They only downside of  lunch was they ran out of chocolate cake, and since they had nothing else Lon liked, Mommy had to cancel her order for Southern Coconut Cream Cake. Darn it.
Lon did have fun walking though the market, but the heat was starting to get to him.  The basket sellers were  all over. I love those baskets.
They had a jeweler there that sold beautiful charms. I bought the one for the market. She told me her father had designed and made the mold for that charm.  How cool is that? They had alot of charms for Charleston.  I have to do all the things they have charms for!

Then we found the Moon Pie Store. Lon thought this was an amazingly wonderful place.   He even got some ice cream. We did get some moon pies too!
Lon was goofing around on the moon.
We walked around a little more. This is a great old building, it now houses the Daughters of the Confederacy.  Lon ran up the stairs and ran back down.

Then we got a carriage ride! A real carriage ride! It was wonderful.  It was 65 minutes long. Our horse was named Jake.  I can not remember the driver's name. We learned a little more about Charleston History and saw some beautiful houses.

Saying Thank you to Jake. He did a great job in the heat.  We had a fun day exploring a little bit of Charleston.  We will do more, there is so much to see and do here. Big historical things, some not so big things but still fun things.

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