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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Roof!

We thought we should be proactive in getting a new roof. We lost a few roof tiles in the last big storm, and since the other things in the house are starting to go....

Lon prepares to supervise.

Mr. Goofy Foreman

The dumpster in my parking space

The men on the roof....

Starting to put the new roof on....

Pretty new roof

A close up! All done, but the gutters.

We also lost our satellite. It needs re calibrated, and they are coming tomorrow afternoon to fix that.


We went for our walk, and saw this!

How cool is this? Why we always take our camera on the walks! We are trying now for 6.5 miles every other day. I will have legs of steel and a belly of jelly!

Rahul is home!

Our friend Rahul moved to Houston, got married (in India) and decided to move back to Seattle, with his lovely bride. We are so happy to have them back with us!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

They're GONE!

We wanted to thin out some of our trees. They got planted too close together a long time ago, and the pear tree was dying. Rats. The company said they would be here on Thursday. I would move the car, so they could have the entire driveway. Well, they came on Wednesday! We got home to a very big backyard!

Mark standing in front of where the pear tree used to be.

Two less Aspens.

I will miss the red maple, but the other two maples will grow better now. It was just too many trees in such a small space.

To me, this is the most dramatic change. The holly is gone. and the tree that was hidden behind the holly is gone. I have plans for a garden in there. Berries I think, blueberries, raspberries.... I am thinking about it.

I need to cut off all the fern, so it will grow back healthier. But now that is in full daylight, it might not like being there at all.

Lon is thinking we have all this room now, he needs his own personal swing set, with slide and perhaps a rope climb or a rock wall. Dream big Kiddo!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Finally it is Tulip Time

Due to our mid April SNOW, the tulips were a little slower to bloom this year. But today, they were just about ready. There were still some fields that were not open. For the most part, it was wonderful!

Drive by fields.

The three of us!

And he's off! Running around the Rozengaarde like a crazy man!

This is new, a bunny to point the way.

Beauty Shot. I was really taken with the new orange tulips.

The gardens

Lunch break!

Back to the Flowers.


Come sit with me, Momma and Daddy, please!

Enough of sitting, let's RUN!


In the fields.

An entire field of those gorgeous orange tulips.


A Little Catch Up

I am a little behind in my blogging. I should have posted the April snow. Yes, April snow. We only got a dusting at our house. Just a little farther north (only about 7 miles north) they got 10 inches. yes, TEN inches. All the latest little plants got frozen. I am now waiting till may to put in my veggies garden and hanging flower baskets.

oh yea, it was COLD for mid April. Yes, I turn the heat up before we go to bed, and turn it down on my way up.

On the 19th, Daddy took Lon to the park while Mommy napped!
After Downtown park, they went to Castle Park.
Mark told me that he went across the rope bridge like it was no big deal.

After some park fun, they went to Fred Meyer, I was told, by Lon, that Mommies are not allowed at Fred Meyer. Only big boys and their Daddies. Okay. I can live with that.. I will give them a list!
Later that afternoon, more snow fell. Snow!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

An experiment

I just wanted to see what this would look like. Basically, the next project on my list involves alot of cutting. I was just putting off cutting out all those tiny squares.

Everyone has tea towels. Too nice to really use, or they don't hang well on the oven door. I have some from my Mother in Law, that I would like to do something with. I experimented on this one. It is heavily quilted. Not too bad.

The back

a little bit closer

maybe I could do some more embellishing, like beading or embroidery or....

Now, if I can find those tea towels from my mother in law......