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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lon's third haircut

On Monday, I took Lon to Daddy's barber to get his haircut. Lon said haircut all the way over. He sat in the chair all by himself. I had to help keep his head still, so there are only pictures of after his haircut. Lon will tell you that he got his haircut by a nice man. Which is true.

Lon lost his beach boy look and now looks very handsome! He is going to look very stylish for Grandma's Wedding !

Daddy's Birthday

Natasha wishes Daddy a happy birthday!

Aaron and Chong came over to play computer games with Mark. Vasu was there for a bit, but he had to go for a bit.

Victoria came over to play with Lon.

Lon likes his hat that he got at the Evergreen Fair.

Attacking the tunnel!

Playing PeekaBoo in the tent.

We made our own shisk-e-bob. We had hotdogs for the kids, but most of them wanted the shisk-e-bob. We had a hosin garlic beef, and a sesame ginger chicken. The veegies were green pepper, fresh pineapple, onions and mushrooms. It was a huge hit! Everyone thought it was the greatest idea. Cool. Lon helps Daddy blow out his candles.

Daddy's spice cake.

Eating cake and ice cream with Uncle Vasu (he did come back for dinner)

After dinner, Brian tries on Lon's hat.

Daddy had a good time on his birthday. We all did!

Monday, August 27, 2007

More Fair Fun!

A pig, right there!

Hello Little Boy!

Let me eat your hat! mmmm, goats like to nibble on clothes, just ask Auntie KK!

Lon shows a nice little girl how to pet the goat.

This is so much fun.

Lon doesn't hold a grudge against the goat that tried to eat his shirt

Bunny petting. Nice bunny. It was hard to leave the petting zoo, but we managed.

Lon's first funnel cake, he was less than impressed. Me too, the oil was not hot enough so they were a bit too greasy. darn it!

Lon thought the juice looked pretty good inside that cup.

Even though they were having a car race, we could hear pipes. I recognized the Edinborough Military Tattoo. We found the Pacific Northwest Junior Pipe Band! They start off at age 6 teaching the drums, then they can learn the bagpipes. Yes, I want Lon to do this. Lon seemed very interested.

We found a booth selling bubbles. Bubbles are wonderful. We got Lon a bubble gun! Lon enjoyed that and made a giant mess, which is what little boys do best.

We watched the chain saw carvers.

This very nice man had a dinosaur marionette. Lon thought it was the very best!

We had a wonderful time at the fair! Lon was asleep before we got back to the highway.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Be SomeBunny!

Hop to the Evergreen State Fair! That is this year's motto. We had a great time. The weather was overcast and cool, but it kept the crowds manageable.

The bunny topiary.

We like looking at the grange displays. Some of the veggies and or fruit we have no clue on what it is. They are very creative.

The dunk tank featured a Snohomish county prosecutor!

Some 4-H dogs getting into the bunny spirit.

mmmm, corn.


Lon pets the little piggies, they are the best!

We saw sheep, they were doing sheep things.

Mommy's favorite! Pygmy goats!

There was an exotic animal rescue exhibit, they had a reindeer

and TWO zebras! Very cool.

Of course, we saw cows. Lots of cows.
Future Farmer?

There was a place were the kids could pedal old time tractors. We did enter Lon's name for the new John Deer pedal tractor. Keep your fingers crossed!

A toddler sized bulldozer! This is the coolest fair ever!

At the entrance to the petting zoo, there was a toddler maze. They dug potatoes, picked an apple, gathered eggs, and milked a cow. Lon was really getting into this.

Running to see all the animals!

I am going to end this here. The petting zoo photos and more fair fun will be our next post!