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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New outfits for All the Cousins

I did get the outfits done ! I am so happy about that. Lon's, Matt's and Miss Ings Fourth of July outfits! They will not be together on the Fourth, but the cousins will all be looking good! Lon has the plain red shorts, Miss Ing has the fancy pants, and Matt has the big boy cargo pants with camp shirt. I was not sure if Matt would wear red pants. I had a straight khaki skirt. In my current shape, a straight skirt looks hideous, so I made him a pair of cargo pants! I think they turned out cute! The pockets are the same material as the shirt. Since I decided that cleaning up the kitchen would be silly, I made Lon an outfit for his birthday. You gotta have a special outfit to wear on your very first birthday!

I think that turned out cute. You can not see it, but the buttons are party hats. He will look very festive!


Lon is having his very first birthday! A wonderful by product of turning one is that people are sending him presents!! We got a wooden duck on a stick. It is tons of fun. However, the package said it came from Bruce's candies in Cannon Beach, that was it. I am not sure who sent it. Perhaps Babcha and Grandpa Bill. Also, in the mail yesterday was a wonderful set of books from Godmother Carol! The board book, Hush Little Alien, a made in PA hand car. It is so cute, it is a wooden car that has a handle to roll it around with. A little love bug! Lon thinks it is fun. The best book ever was sent too! It is called, The Web Files. If you ever watched Dragnet, this is it for little ones. 6:32am, This is the farm.! Dum de Dum Dum.

Today, Nonna came by with a present! How fun!

A Giant Tonka Dump Truck! How cool! Lon spent lots of time filling up the Dump Truck with his duplos. He can even ride in the wonderful dump truck.

Lon is really going to like this birthday thing! He thinks he will have one every year about this time!

We went to lunch, then we were going to the park. We had a nice lunch. We walked over to the park and the little man was out like a light. I did have Thai iced coffee, and it did not help the bad car karma. We walked back to the car and got loaded up, Lon was still sleeping. The passenger rear tire was flat. Someone left a note for me on the windshield telling me the tire was flat. I am thankful for that. The shop still has the tire. I hope it gets fixed fast as I have too many things to do before Thursday morning!

Getting ready for the park. He actually wore his hat!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Not so Secret Soccer Fan

Lon and I are watching all the games we can. Those that do not interfere with naps. Mommy is filling Lon in on what happens if he goes to sleep. Mommy has pulled out her Brasil Team shirt from the 1982 World Cup. I was in Brasil for that one. That was alot of fun. We are now hoping for a win from Brasil. The neighbor boy was kicking around the soccer ball the other night and I went out for a while. I am not great, but I still have some decent footwork. I need tons more practice though. I am thinking Lon is going to get a soccer ball for his birthday...... Since Lon only stands up for a few seconds without holding on to anything, I think we are going to wait a year or three before we start teaching him soccer. Next World Cup he will be ready to go outside after the games and see if he can do what he saw at the games!


Just an Average Weekend

This was a nice quiet weekend. We are getting ready for Lon's first birthday! NEXT WEEKEND!!

We all went to the Juanita Beach Park. This has become a super favorite. It helps it is close. The climbing wall and the water are huge draws. We got some Little Swimmer Diapers for our next visit! That should be fun! He can do more than walk with Mommy next time. We watched the ravens playing in the water. They would actually get their feathers wet. Sort of like a bath, but it looked like they were really enjoying playing in the water.
We also got Lon some new sunglasses! He is not so sure about wearing them, but he looks so cute! They have Mater and Lightening on them from the movie Cars. Yep, I know all the characters already. Getting ready to see the movie when it comes out on DVD. Lon likes his toy cars. He has two. The purple Ramon and the red tow truck Mater.
Just an average weekend, spending all our time with Lon. Which is more fun than I could ever imagine!

Friday, June 23, 2006

In the Park with Miss Sarah

Today was a gorgeous day! It was in the low 80s. Sarah came over and we decided that we needed to go to the park. So we loaded up the zooper (super stroller) and off we went! I had Lon wear his Seahawks hat. It is still a little big, but it provided shade for him. I am glad I had him covered up! I got sunburned on my shoulders! uh-oh! Hopefully I will lose the lobster look by the morning.
Of course Lon went first to the climbing wall! He kept his hat on until he got into the swing, and then the hat was gone! Then we got a cherry shave ice and walked the board walk! Lon LOVES the shave ice! He thought that was yummy! It was good to feed him some ice, keep him hydrated since it was warm out. Not as warm as Virginia, but warm for here.
Lon did not get sunburned. Just mommy.

Wednesday in the Park

Mark came home from work, it was a nice day. He suggested we go to the park with Lon. What a grand idea! Off we went to Juanita Beach Park. Lon's favorite climbing wall is there.

Mark and Lon are conferring on what to do next. Lon wanted to try the swings. This time Lon loved the swings!

And he went down the entire slide. Not just the end part. Slides are cool. Even the ones that twist. We had to spend some more time on the climbing wall.

After a full day, then the park, Lon fell asleep in his dinner, complete with rice on his nose. The little guy works so hard to make sure his parents are having fun.

Lunch with Miss Lindsay

It was so nice to be able to spend the afternoon with Lindsay! The boat leaves early early Saturday Morning, and she will be gone. Fishing, then back to school. I asked her if she would want to go to my favorite restaurant. It is called the Mediterranean Kitchen. Lebanese/Mediterranean food. YUMMY. Garlic, mint, yogurt, lamb, how can you go wrong? Mark is not a big fan though so we don't go. Lindsay said it sounded good. Lon loved it too! He had some fried cauliflower with garlic sauce, Pita bread, hummus, Baba Ganjoush, Labne (momma's favorite!). Lon also tried some of Momma's kabobs. I got the mixed, kafka, chicken and lamb, over saffron rice with garlic sauce over all. Lindsay and I shared the baklava at the end with the tiny cups of Turkish coffee. There are always leftovers, lunch portions are HUGE. The smell of garlic is permeating my fridge as we speak. YUMMY!!
Then we went shopping and got a few things and I took Lindsay back to the boat. I hope she has a good and profitable summer season before hitting the books again.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Photos Too Cute Not To Share

I am just going to post some random photos that are just too darn cute! This one is wonderful of Lon getting up on the couch all by himself! Silly boy!
Lon's first pie crust cookies. You know, those bits of pie crust leftover from making a pie, brushed with butter and cinnamon sugar.
Lon's squirrel flat out and drying in the sun. I have never seen an outdoor pet so comfortable as to be able to sleep on the porch.

That is all! I am done with the pictures too cute to miss! Hope you enjoyed them!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day Lobster!

Father's Day. How cool is that? I know being MOM is the coolest, I know Mark feels the same way about being a DAD! Mark wanted to have a lobster dinner for his special day. Well, we can do that. We got some fresh lobster at the lobster store and Mark cooked them up!

Lon is not even ONE yet and he has tasted his first Lobster. He liked it.
Uncle Vasu had his first lobster too! He enjoyed it also.

I think Mark had a good day. I hope so. He is a good father.

Lon wore his Lobster Jammies again that night.

Yes, Lon is wearing a soccer jonjon. He is cheering for Team USA, however, he also thinks that Brasil is going to win. (if Ronaldo can get out of the way!)

9th Grade Graduation!

Around here Junior High is three years and high school is three years. They had a Graduation Assembly for the 9th graders on the last day of school. Miss Sarah asked if we would come. It started at 9 am. Of course we would be there!

The kids who got the presidential Silver Award for getting a 3.5 GPA for the last three years. Sarah is in that mix somewhere! Congratulations Miss Sarah on the good grades!

Lon wore his stripped jacket, blazer and a tie. He was the very best looking man there. Young or old! Mommy was not looking too shabby either. When I called Mark and told him we were home, he said, oh too bad you did not call me 5 minutes earlier we could have met up at the Indian restaurant I told you about. HA! I will meet you there! We are jumping back in the car RIGHT NOW! And we did. We actually beat the guys there! I have not had really good luck with Indian food. Apparently I had not had real Indian food. The stuff I remember was greasy, overcooked, heavily sauced and so spicy I could not eat for the rest of the day. Well, real Indian food is NOT like that. I even ate Vindaloo. It was all super yummy! Lon however was not used to Basmati rice, he likes his mother sticky rice much better.

Lon is eating his tie! He is enjoying the tie very much.

I enjoyed the food at Mayuri so much that I went home and actually tried to make Lamb Vindaloo ala Goa. I did not make it very hot, as I lost my taste for spicy when I was pregnant. (Lon would send it back if it was spicy.) Mark took some of the leftovers for lunch. Uncle Vasu said the spices were correct and it was good, but it could have had more heat. He can always add heat. I am pleased that my first attempt at Indian Cuisine turned out well. I will try again!