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Thursday, June 30, 2016


Lon is now ELEVEN.  

Letting that sink in for a moment.

We had to go to the doctor this morning, his eleven year check up.  He is 4'10" and 66 pounds. He is exactly one foot shorter than his father. At eleven.  He will be taller than I am in about a week, or so it seems.

After we got home, Lon said he would like ebelskivers. We have not had them in a long while.    Love those little puffs!

Lon got a new Lego after breakfast and he had to build it!  The only help he wanted was for me to attached the sting to a wench and then to the grappling hook.

And now it is done.

The afternoon was low key.
Mark and Lon rode to the new gas station on their bikes for ice cream.

Lon wanted to share his birthday with some friends over. That is what we did!   We had spaghetti and corn, and empanadas!   Good food and good company!

 All the kids got along very well. It was nice that they played together well and the adults could talk.

the kids!

It was a fun evening! I am so happy we did this!

Lon said this was a great birthday.

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