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Saturday, July 09, 2016

Old Salem

On Wednesday I went up to see Lon at camp.  I stopped on my up at Old Salem.   Lon and I will go back together and I will pay the full admission price to get into all the museums and historic re-enactor places.  I did not this time

You have to pass through this covered bridge to get to the town from the visitor's center.

The town is a half mile long.

The orchard.  Trees with apples on them !

The Winkler Bakery.  The smells in there were amazing!  I could have stayed in there for hours. I  did get some cookies.  The very thin Moravian cookies.

the sky is starting to darken, perhaps I should hurry a little getting back to the visitor's center

this is the fire station. Lon and I will explore that more later.
There was no clap of thunder or any warning drops. Big heavy rain!

I first thought I could make it to the visitors center, but I realized I could not.  I was going to be soaked to the skin.

I was invited up on a porch by a group of Mexican workman. I said thank you in Spanish.  They smiled.

It was really coming down now.  It lasted about 15 minutes.

I made it back to the Visitor's Center.  Time to get on the road

A road side scenic pull off.

The mountain itself!

My room at the Mayberry Motor Inn, in Mt. Airy.  It was sort of hokey but fun.

It was clean and it had a bed and that is all I needed!

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