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Saturday, July 09, 2016

Parent's Night at Raven Knob Boy Scout Camp

Wednesday evening, I was able to go see Lon at his boy scout camp!  I brought up some brownies for the boys.

The long drive to camp was very rural. Horses, cows, corn crops and cabbages lined the road

Lon enjoys playing cards.

He had leatherwork, first aid, geocaching,  fire safety safety (yes that is two safetys there on purpose)  He will get merit badges for all those!

All dressed up in his Class A uniform.

A well dressed scout!

Getting ready to go to campfire!

This Scout Leader had a bald python.  Lon would not even get close ! Neither would I

Then we had some really cute skits.  One I really liked was good idea, bad idea.   It is a good idea to help a scout learn to tie knots, it is a bad idea to tie your scout up in knots.. and it went on like that for a few turns.  We were all laughing.

The flag ceremony.  It was beautiful.

There were readings, and the National Anthem.

Then it was time for the Order of the Arrow.

After that ceremony, it was time to walk the boys back to camp and for me to get in the car and go back to the Mayberry Motor Inn.

It was so much fun to see Lon and Mark. Lon was enjoying camp very much. He is glad he went.

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