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Friday, July 15, 2016

Fort McHenry

We have driven by Fort McHenry several times over the years, this time I made it the destination!

Lon looks so small in front of the sign

Learning about how the Star Spangled Banner came to be.  Learning more about the War of 1812

Off the view the barracks

The seamstresses were just setting up their tent

There was a Japanese war ship coming into Baltimore Harbor.  Not sure why they were coming.

Showing another kid all about Jr. Ranger Badges.  There were a couple more kids interested in the badge program.  We even saw one of them later with the booklet.

Exploring the cannons

The bomb shelter. The most protected part of the fort

Playing a little bit.

It was cloudy, but so far no rain

Standing in the middle of Chesapeake Bay

Getting his badge!

We learned a lot and had a wonderful time

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