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Saturday, July 09, 2016

The Boy's Camp Experience!

While Mark and Lon were away at Camp, Mark took some great pictures of what they were doing!
Raven Knob Boy Scout Camp in North Carolina.

Mark's tent.

The Troop 788 section of camp

Lon's tent.  All the boys had a tent mate. The tents are used all summer, it was nice not having to bring a tent or a cot!

the rope bridge

The pond, swimming and boating all happen here

This is where campfire occurs. The whole camp gets together

lunch or maybe dinner, Mark was not really impressed with this meal. Most meals were pretty good though

Lon helping to clean up

Reading. Lon did not bring a book, I was not sure he would have time. He took his father's Ender book.

He finished the book. He wants to read more in the Ender's game series.

Listening to  team building instructions

and he does it! he falls backward and the boys catch him!

Breakfast looked good!

elevation map!

how far away other Boy Scout Camps are

Playing cards

After breakfast, but before they left camp, the Troop hiked up to the top of Raven Knob.

That is the camp way down there!

Group Photo.

Lon had a ton of fun  I am happy he went.

Mark had fun too!

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