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Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Goddard Space Flight Center

Lon loves Space Centers. He wants to visit as many as he can.  I found out there was one in Maryland.   It was on our way back from Fort McHenry.  WIN!  It was not very big so we could see it all in about an hour or two.

The day's rain had stopped. On the way down in rained buckets, but  by the time we got to the Goddard it was sunny again.

Even though it was little, there were some very very cool things to see!

 A Gemini Capsule

They had a good selection of hands on experiments to try out

This one was about electromagnetic energy.  The red and green lights would blink and make noise if you spun the bottom bit fast enough then move it under the copper wire ring.

Walking around the Astrobiology ring.

The main rocket in the rocket garden.

Photo opportunity wall!

Spaceman Lon

this was a fun way for us to learn more about Space.

They also have rocket building competitions in the summer, on Saturdays.

It was a good thing to see.  We are happy we stopped.

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