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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Colonial WIlliamsburg

On Friday, we drove up to Virginia. We left here at 6:06am and it was already 84 degrees!
 We got up there early enough that we spent the afternoon at Colonial Williamsburg! Lon had been there as a baby, I pushed him in a stroller, he does not remember that!

one of the first places we explored was the Powder Magazine.

Lon thought it was really cool

we went over the courthouse,  but Lon did not want to get into the stocks.   Maybe next time

Musket firing.  He gave a talk on the musket and how it worked,

He fired musket without a ball, just a gun powder flash. It was very very loud

We were getting really hungry! Time to find something to eat. The place I wanted to go, Lon thought was closing too soon, and wanted to go the Shield's Tavern.  We both had burgers. They were very good!    It was fun. Lon ordered the root beer. It was draft root beer. He LOVED it.  Dark, thick and creamy. He never had anything like that. We bought some to take home!

Archaeological digs are going on !   Lon thinks they are very interesting!

Lon was watching them sift the dirt, and he pointed to a small nail in the screen. They had not seen that and congratulated Lon on his good eyes.  

I told Lon I wanted to go into a store to see what was at the grocers.  He said, fine, but he was not enthusiastic about it.

Little did he know there was ice cream in that shop!

Ice cream breaks are the best!

Meeting the puppet. That was very fun. They were very entertaining.

We got to play and learn about some of the artifacts the kids had dug up that day. When we go back, we will plan on being there when they open, and Lon can take part in the digging not just the cleaning.

Of course we had to check out the big map at the visitor's center.  

Lon and I had a great time. It will be fun to come back, and maybe we can plan on a not so hot day!

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