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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bee City!

We got to Bee City just as they were opening.   We had not been out there for at least a year. It is always so much fun to go out there.
Good Morning, Lemurs. Moms with Babies!  We were advised not to touch  the babies or Mom would bite.
The Moms were the most hungry of all the lemurs!

feeding the lemur. Monkey Os. Which are really Cheerios.  I like calling them Monkey Os.

The Squirrel Monkeys are getting apple slices for breakfast.

Watching the wild cat, a Serval cat.  He likes to spray. We were not sprayed on.

We kept talking to the donkey about waffles. He was not amused.

Inside the aviary.  The birds were just waking up and were not very hungry yet.

Lon was waiting for the birds to come, but the keeper said they were not really hungry yet.

Lon spotted this tiny egg on the edge of the aviary.

As we were leaving the keeper asked us if we wanted to see a baby, so he pulls this tiny thing out from it's hiding place. SO tiny

Everyone on the train!

It was a really fun way to pass the morning.  Happy we got to go!

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