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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Lon's 11th Birthday Party!

For various reasons we moved Lon's party way up this year. It was TODAY!  My baby is almost 11 years old. WOW.

Waiting for pizzas! This year I ordered pizzas! The kids liked it.  There were potato chips too.

The pizza arrived with sushi too! The adults enjoyed the sushi!  Some of them even learned to use chop sticks. How cool is that?

we had one outside game after pizza. A puff ball on a spoon race.  It was fun, and we did it twice, but it was just too hot to stay outside.

the partner hand off!
The boys were having a great time

We moved the bean bag toss inside.  we did two rounds and the winner got a prize. There was a tie for the winner! We had a toss off. It was great fun!

Present time! Lon got tons of great legos!
 He is itching to get started building

Frozen smores cake!
 and the cupcakes

blowing out the candles

there are some other pictures that some of our friends took that i will try to download and put on the blog.  

It was a great day! We had fun.

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