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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Berry Picking !

Today, the weather co operated and we were able to make it out to Wadmalaw Island!

It was a gorgeous day, Starting to get hot !

The place we went to is called The Ambrose Family Farm.  It is an Organic farm.  Very peaceful out there. Not many people were berry picking today.

The deer like berries too!

there were LOTS of blueberries!

There were also a lot of fire ants. The mounds were hard to see as the rain made them a darker brown and the dirt was just a shade or two darker.   The boys and I got attacked.  The other adult did not.
This cut into our berry picking time.

We had to walk back though the blackberries so we picked some of those too.  These are not ready to be picked.

Looks like there will be blackberries to pick for a couple weeks! Lon and I only picked enough for one pie

We still love egrets.

After we were done berry picking we got treated to Moes.  We had never been there.  It is worth going to.  

We all had a great time!

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