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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Antiques Roadshow Taping!

Back in the spring I put my name in the drawing for tickets to an Antiques Roadshow taping. I did not think I would win. I did not win last year. BUT I did win!  Two tickets to a taping in Virginia Beach ! This is the real reason we drove up to Virginia, not just to go to Colonial Williamsburg!

we got to the convention center early, so we walked down to the Virginia Beach Saturday Market. They had a booth for the museums.

They were impressed that Lon knew how to play Graces.  He had fun playing.

It was our time to go in!

We were very excited. This was going to be fun!

We were really here!

We got to talk to some very fun people. Once you are out on the floor you can not take pictures.  They do not want to spoil the season by everyone putting up pictures on social media before the show airs!

We talked to one gentleman who had an enigma machine!
The things we brought were fun, and it was nice to know more about them even if we are not going to  be able to retire on them anytime soon

Lon wants to go to another taping!  When the announce the list in the spring, if there is one within driving distance we will try again!

Who knows we might be featured in the feedback booth, being goofy!

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