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Friday, June 17, 2016

Three Stops On Our Way Home

 We arrived in Birmingham and found a hotel for the night.   We were so beat that we just ordered a pizza, had a swim and went to bed. We got up at a decent time, figured out how to get where we wanted to go, on a paper map and off we went!

Our first stop of the day was The Selma To Montgomery National Historic Trail Center.
The movie was amazing. I do not remember this event as it happened a few months before I was born.    Lon did the Jr. Ranger booklet and learned about the people who stood up for their right to vote.
 We were the only people out there. It really is worth the drive
Getting his Jr. Ranger badge. This one was very special. It is the only metal one Lon has seen!

Our next stop was the Tuskegee Institute.   The Jr Ranger badge booklet was called Brick by Brick. It was all about the bricks made and used by the early students of the Institute.  There was a page on George Washington Carver too. It was very helpful we had been to the George Washington Carver National Park as well as the Booker T Washington National Park.

The very nice Park Ranger also gave Lon the booklet called the Night Sky, to fill out one night at home and I can give him the patch when he is done.

Our last planned stop of the day was at the Tuskegee Airman Monument.

The cool is over the top.

We learned a lot watching the movie.  The men who flew these planes were amazingly courageous. Fighting the enemy and fighting for the right to be treated as men at home. They wanted a double victory, over the enemy and at home.

a Diorama of the base.

the other hanger had the trainer planes.

Getting his Jr Ranger badge.

He still enjoys these. We both learn a lot!

 From there we headed home. We avoided Atlanta. We went through Columbus and Macon. Near Savannah we turned slightly north and made it home. It was after dark, but not for too long.  We put a little over 1300 miles on the car in these two days.
It was a fun trip. We enjoyed ourselves.

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