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Friday, May 27, 2016

Last Day of Elementary School

Yes, this is true.  Lon is now in middle school. Jr. High even.  Today was his last day as a fifth grader!

We decided that we needed a doughnut to start our day. We also thought that not many people bring in things for the office staff. We brought in coffee and doughnuts to the office this morning. Lon also brought in a gift for his teacher.   It was a mason jar cookie mix.

Today was the teacher versus the fifth graders basketball game!

The teachers were bringing it and the fifth graders were not taking any guff.  The teachers were taller.  It was fun to watch

The teachers won.  It was a half hour game.

 An already emotional day got even more emotional. This year, one of the fifth grade teachers got cancer and sadly, just a few days ago, passed away.  The fifth graders went to the courtyard, to help plant a new tree in Mrs. Steed's honor.

The kids placed the rocks around the tree. The painted rocks were from the children in Mrs. Steed's class.

It was a beautiful tribute

The kids went back to their rooms and decompressed a little, talked to each other for a little while before the 5th grade promenade though the school

This is Lon's last time leaving his trailer class room!

Lon walking though the school

A celebration lunch at Way Back Burger. It was were the boys wanted to go.

Time for the our summer adventures to start!

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