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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Azalea Lunch

Today was the last full day of fifth grade.  
The fifth graders walked down to Azalea Park for lunch.  I went with them. It was the last school time lunch of the year.

This morning, we got up late and it just snowballed from there.
I did not have time to make Lon his lunch. I stopped by the grocery store and picked him up a slice.  He seemed happier than if I had just made him a pb&j.

After lunch everyone walked over the bridge to the pond side of the park. There were balls to play with, jump ropes, and books to read.

Lon is looking at one of the two balls that made it into the pond. One of the kid's dads, he was able to get a pool skimmer from maintenance workers in the park and retrieve all the balls in the water. He is a rock star

Looking at the fish and turtles. The turtles and fish loved all the bread scraps from the kid's sandwiches!

Hanging out, reading, near the water.

Lon had a good time. He was hot and tired when he came home.   He took a nice long cool shower when he came home.

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