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Monday, May 30, 2016

First Junior Ranger Badge of the Summer!

When we went to the National Park side of Kings Mountain, I noticed they had the centennial junior ranger badge and Kings Mountain had a patch now.  Lon picked up the booklet for the centennial and I put it in the car, since I did not hike over.
I asked for and received permission from the scout master not to go back with the troop. I took Lon over to the visitor's center!

Lon worked his book outside. The weather was good, and we were just finished camping. We thought it best to stay outside as long as possible.

The Ranger went over his book. Lon finished it well. There was nothing the Ranger found that needed to be changed.

Getting sworn in by Ranger Steve.

Ranger Steve thought he did a great job.
He earned his special wooden 100th anniversary badge and the new patch!

Kings Mountain is such a pretty place.

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