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Monday, May 23, 2016

Fifth Grade Wax Museum

Today, the last Monday of the school year, is the day the Fifth Graders give their wax museum presentations. They have been working on them for about three weeks.  I thought there was a written report also but it was just a rough draft for their speaking parts.
Each child had a famous person to work on, after much back and forth, Lon was able to go with Jacqueline Cochran.     He worked hard on knowing his stuff.  He was unsure how he was going to dress up, but he finally figured out he could dress up as Floyd Odum, Jacqueline's husband.

The scene of the wax museum.
The fifth grade gate class was the only one who participated in the wax museum

He was doing very well giving his presentations.

And he loved being in a suit and tie. He does have school clothes he is changing into for the Reading Carnival later today

Only a few kids did the poster board. I think Lon did a good job on his.

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