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Monday, May 16, 2016


Early Saturday evening, we had reservations with the Yis at the new Korean barbeque place.  The only time we could get was 4:30. That worked out perfectly, the food did not start arriving till about 5:30.
Brian and Kayla had the California roll, Lon waited for his steak

The server would put some of the meat and veggies in the grill,  and we would take it off when it was done.

This was the bulgogi

Grilling it up.
The grill did not smoke at all.

Lon had fun there.

However, both Lon and I did get sick later on that evening. Not sure if it was bad beef, or we did not cook our steak long enough or something completely different

Will we go back? yes, but we will not order the prime steak again.

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