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Friday, May 13, 2016

Baby Bird

 Last year, we had a bird's nest on the top of a column on our front porch. After I cleaned out the nest, the baby never hatched and the birds abandoned the nest.  We put up bird spikes to keep the birds out of there.

The front porch column. There are two.  The birds so far have not really liked the other column.

The bird spikes on top.  I thought I did a good job on making it not a happy place to raise a family.

I was wrong.

The little baby bird in the tiny nest.  You can make out his beak. His mommy was there before I put the ladder up to take the picture. I did not touch the baby or the nest.
He just hatched yesterday.

After he leaves the nest, I will remove the spikes, put a cover over the column, and maybe get an owl to keep there.  I love birds, but they make a real mess of the column.  We have another nest in a tree, and I am going to check to see if they used that this year.

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